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Current appointment

University courses taught 1990-2023

In English

  • History of the Modern World
  • Western Civilization I: Prehistory to Renaissance
  • Western Civilization II: Renaissance to Present
  • The Development of Western Civilization
  • The Rise of Christianity in the West
  • The Renaissance in Italy and Northern Europe
  • The Struggle for Power: Britain 1450-1689
  • History of Women and the Family in the Preindustrial Era
  • History of Women and the Women's Movement in the Modern Era
  • United States History I: 1607-1865
  • Colonial New England
  • Early American Intellectual History
  • History of the Canadian Family
  • Comparing Frontier Cultures in the American and Canadian West
  • Cities in Canada: An Historical Perspective
  • Twentieth-Century Europe to World War II
  • European History Since World War II
  • The Great Depression
  • The European Holocaust
  • The Sixties
  • Introduction to the 20th Century

En français

  • Histoire du nord de l'Ontario
  • L'histoire des femmes et de la famille à l'ère préindustrielle
  • Histoire des Premières Nations au Canada


  • Introduction to Literature
  • Leadership, Ethics, and Decision Making
  • Freedom and Responsibility
  • Understandings of Morality
  • Life and Death

Online and distance education appointments 1997-2023





  • 2003-2004  Formby Research Fellow, Texas Tech University
  • 2003-2004  'By Faculty, For Faculty' Workshop Grant Recipient, Institute for Online Education, Southern New Hampshire University
  • 1986-1987  University of Toronto Open Fellowship
  • 1984  Rhodes Scholarship Finalist, Province of Ontario, Canada


  • 2000  Ph.D History, University of Toronto
  • 1988  M.A. History, University of Toronto
  • 1986  B.A. (History and Literature), Bennington College
  • 1984  Summer student, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge University


  • 2000 "Domestic service for women in London, 1660-1745", unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Toronto. (Abstract)
  • 1988 "Women and violence in London, 1720-25", unpublished Master's major paper, University of Toronto.
  • 1986 "Strange Bedfellowes: Moll Flanders, Roxana, and the problem of morality in Augustan London", unpublished undergraduate thesis, Bennington College.
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